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Parties Surrounding Your Piano

Wed, Jun 28, 2017 at 3:00PM

Parties Surrounding Your Piano

Having a grand piano is like having a grand entrance for your party. Whether your piano is home to your extravagant dining room or warm family room, it always makes the best centerpiece for any form of entertainment.

In today's blog, we are going over the best ways your piano will steal the show of your party. Read on to learn more.

Professional Karaoke

Not everyone is the best singer, but everyone seems to have a blast at least trying. No party is complete without an after-dinner performance or show of some sort, so why not put on one that involves your guests?

Surely if you own a piano you or someone you know is apt at playing it. Pick out some easy, classic tunes everyone knows the words to, and accompany the piano's voice with some background music. Set up a microphone, gather everyone around the piano, and watch your guests battle out who gets to shine first. This is a sure way to get the party going- and to your surprise, it may last all night long!

Classic Cocktails

Every party doesn't have to be a black-tie event but once in a while, it's a nice change. You could be celebrating an important milestone, or just itching for a change in events. If this is something out of the ordinary for your family, send out invites detailing attire and timing so no guest shows up in surprise.

Hire a friend, family member, or professional to play classical music on your piano while caterers pass out hors-d'oeuvres and guests enjoy each other's company. Center the event in the piano room so each guest leaves with the same experience.

Dinner and Dancing

The best parties are intimate ones with some of your better friends and loved family members. Start the night off with a delicious dinner that will warm hearts without overstuffing stomachs- remind guests to save room for dancing.

After sips of sparkling drinks and light-hearted conversations, direct guests into your piano room for an hour of dirty, or ballroom style dancing. It's always nice to mix things up with slow to fast music- even the kids will want to dance! It's a perfect way to engage with guests on an intimate level of fun and uniqueness.

A Grand Opening

If you've just moved into a new home, the best way to wow visitors is with your piano. Strategically place it in a room visible at every angle. You can stage it in the front room of your home right past the foyer, or to the side room where most gather to talk and welcome one another. However you wish to do it, show it off.

We sure hope today's blog gave you some new and fun ideas on how to utilize your piano and its home to the fullest advantage possible, after all, it would be a shame to ignore such a beautiful piece of art. And don't worry, if you're moving and cannot put on a party just yet, let us take care of all your piano moving needs so you can party on even faster.

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Jill S  North Carolina, US

Jun 12 2021 

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