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Piano Moving Checklist

Fri, Jul 21, 2017 at 12:00PM

Piano Moving Checklist

Moving your piano is sometimes overlooked when you have the rest of the house to box up. After all, it’s just one item, how hard can it be?

Well, when you actually stand in front of it and realize it’s a massive piece of art that requires delicacy and skill to move- you may start to panic.

Modern Piano Moving is here to tell you- don’t worry- read our checklist below!

Take note of your piano

The first thing you want to do while your piano is still secure in your home is take note of it. Does it have scratches? Are keys missing? Pedals working?

It’s important to know the exact condition of your piano before you, or a moving company comes to load it on the truck. A helpful measure is- taking pictures. This way you can compare the condition of your piano before and after the move. Worst case scenario, if something did happen to your piano you now have proof to show insurance companies.

Know your rights and responsibilities

Each mover is required by law to provide clients with rights and responsibilities. One responsibility for you is getting familiar with these legalities.

Find out what the mover covers- do they fix damages? Are you reliable to fix them yourself? With such a valuable item, you want to be sure you are choosing the best company who has your back, and your piano’s back. 

Adequately insure your belongings

Once you know your rights, regulations, and terms you can start to insure your piano. Most moving companies have an insurance policy, but they don’t always cover what matters most. Check to see if the mover has a dispute settlement program, or registered with FMCSA.

Even if your mover checks all the right boxes, it still is not a bad idea to take the extra initiative to protect your property. This way, you can rest assured knowing no matter how the move goes, your piano will be okay.

Trust your mover

At the end of the day, you are putting your piano in someone else’s hands. It’s important to trust your mover.

Get to know them by doing research on their website, or asking friends and neighbors for referrals. On the day of the move, be there every step of the way, maybe even engage in a friendly conversation so you can get to know your mover better.

If you’re looking to save time with finding a mover just choose Modern Piano. We have decades of experience, skill, and knowledge when it comes to moving pianos safely. Give us a call today or head on over to our website for a free quote!


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Jill S  North Carolina, US

Jun 12 2021 

Using Modern Piano to move my piano from PA to NC was the best decision. The customer service was fantastic with great communication every step along the way. The actual movers on move-out and move-in day were very knowledgeable about not only how to properly care for and transport the piano, but also gave great advice for how to acclimate the piano in the new space, what considerations should be taken to position the piano in the best place in the room/house, and how to best care for the piano. I am very satisfied and would recommend to anyone and everyone to use Modern Piano and not bother shopping around - I did the shopping around for you, and Modern Piano is the best!