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Why Modern Piano?

What makes us better, and why that makes a difference to you.

Modern Piano Moving is state of the art. We are constantly upgrading the service to our customers. Being the best comes with some cost.

We are THE piano mover

We answer our phones/website timely, schedule the job, dispatch the truck, properly inventory/load/pad/secure your piano, drive to the final destination, and properly unload/place it in its new home and everything in between. We can take total responsibility for the piano's care since we have total control of it 100 percent of the time.

Our crews are full time piano movers

They have only one boss to report to: Russell Vitt, and one boss to keep happy: you, our customer. There are no independent contractors or part time helpers. Each employee receives full benefits including 100% health insurance and worker’s comp coverage, vacation/holiday pay. Pay and bonuses lead the industry, which allows us to send the very best to your home.

Our trucks and trailers are designed and engineered for piano moving

We own them all and each one has our name and distinctive piano decal on its side.  From custom cargo control, air-ride suspension and rail lift gates to insulated truck bodies, custom dollies and improved lighting, you can be assured your piano will be safe and enjoy the ride.

Modern Piano Moving has been in business since 1935

While we have changed to meet the needs of our customers, we have not forgotten our roots in quality, service, and value. We are known from sea to shining sea… Ask your tuner, teacher, dealer, or local mover for a reference. Be prepared to hear our name over and over.

We have six locations nationwide

More locations mean quicker service for you and more home time for your crew members.  Because we dispatch from multiple locations your piano may not have to ride so far.

Our trucks are serviced by OUR mechanics

We have the parts in stock, the tires on hand and the qualified technicians on staff to keep your piano on route 24/7.  All units are inspected daily by our crew members on the road.  What others consider an annual inspection happens after every trip at our shop.

We operate 24/7

Our full-time office staff is available from 8am to 5pm Monday thru Friday and 8 to 12 noon Saturday (CST).  Each crew has a cell phone, which is available for you to call, as you need to.  Should you need to reach us while the office is closed, key employees are available for emergency contact.  Russell’s cell number is also available 24/7 at 314-568-6887.

Our warehouses are climate controlled and monitored at all times

Electronic security including fire and smoke protection is hard wired and monitored 24/7 by a central station. Video surveillance is also running 24/7 at our warehouse.

Our company is owned and operated by our employees

Our slogan, "We love what we do, and it shows" is a testament to our commitment. Drivers receive a review after every trip and attend class twice a year. Job performance plays an important role in their advancement and their pay/benefits. Drivers have their own in-office dispatcher who also is rewarded based on customer feedback.

Our name is Modern Piano Moving

We specialize in moving high value (both monetary and sentimental) instruments (pianos and organs). We do it a lot and we are very good at it. Practice makes perfect and while we may never reach that lofty goal, we are closer than anyone else is.

We are fully licensed and insured

Our interstate identification number is 240153 and our USDOT is 454870.  Each employee is covered while on your property. Valuation is included with every move with no deductible. Additional coverage is available to five million dollars. Our insurance company is the same carrier used by over half of the household goods carriers and is owned by Unigroup. (United and Mayflower Van Lines).

We move pianos door-to-door between all 48 states

While it costs more to service the entire country, it is the only way to be the best. If you need it done, we can do it. We can even arrange for Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, and International shipments.

We work with local movers who have the same philosophy we do

When you need a fast pickup or have a difficult location, we can call on affiliate companies as required. Experience tells us who is good and who is not.

Russell Vitt, President and General Manager, still runs a truck between company locations

He is involved in training at all levels and responds to customer/driver calls as needed. You will find no greater commitment anywhere. He demands the best and sets the example, daily.

In the end, anybody can move a piano, but will it be done by highly trained professionals?

Big name entertainers have used Modern Piano Moving to transport their beloved pianos. Among them are Chuck Berry, who used a 9 foot trailer to move his piano to Las Vegas. Some others are Carol Burnett, Tony Bennett, Tony Orlando, Barry White, Lady Gaga and Elton John's duet piano, William Peterson from CSI, former St Louis Symphony Orchestra director and now conductor of the National Symphony Orchestra Leonard Slatkin, the piano used by Garth Brooks in the video, "White and Red" , the Kingston Trio and Nine Inch Nails.

When it’s your piano, why take a chance? The choice is black and whiteChoose Modern Piano Moving and get the job done right!

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