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Get Crafty This Summer: 5 Steps To Painting Your Piano From Nationwide Piano Movers

Mon, Jun 28, 2021 at 1:00PM

Get Crafty This Summer: 5 Steps To Painting Your Piano From Nationwide Piano Movers

Did you know that you can repaint your piano to both restore its look and value? Your premier nationwide piano movers care about maintaining the integrity of your piano at every turn, and are happy to help along the way to getting a new finish. Here are 5 steps long distance piano moving companies want you to take to paint your piano.

Move your piano outside once the long distance piano moving specialists arrive

Start panting your piano outside to avoid harsh chemicals. These chemicals can catch family members and pets off guard, and potentially lead to serious health problems. Even smaller, upright pianos can tilt and damage nearby furniture. Additionally, you’re always taking a risk with the piano parts the more you move the piano. Use a piano dolly to safely move the instrument downstairs safely yourself so that it can be repainted.

Tape everything off and sand it before giving it to nationwide piano movers

First, tape off the foot pedals, piano keys, and top of the piano. Next, sand the surfaces to minimize imperfections so the paint can adhere to the surface. You’ll want to use craft paper to do the sanding. Wipe clean with a tack cloth. Be aware that skipping this step before painting can lead to a very rough-looking finish that will destroy the beautiful sound your piano creates.

Use the right paint before Kansas City piano moving specialists take over

Sherwin Williams is a good bed. Try the acrylic latex satin finish for interior use. Coating, drying, and application problems can occur if you use the wrong paint - or worse, the piano itself could get damaged. Whether you need Kansas City piano moving, Las Vegas piano movers, or Portland piano movers, a solid piano transportation job won’t help you much if you’re choosing the wrong paint.

Choose the right color and protect your eyes, before handing things over to Las Vegas piano movers

It may be tempting to go with wild, daring colors, but consider the history and make of your piano. Pianos with poorly conceived paint jobs pose an eyesore to residents, guests, and even open house visitors if you’re selling.

Protect your eyes with safety goggles if you’re going to be painting multiple coats close to the piano, and for longer periods of time. You may find yourself having to finish off finer parts of the piano. Depending on your vision and proximity to the piano, you could be more exposed to chemicals that could cause tearing and eye pain.

Whether or not you choose to paint your piano, Modern Piano Moving will have you covered when you decide to take the leap of moving. Contact us today! 

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Baggett's in Arkansas  Arkansas, US

Jun 21 2021 

Dear Sir/Madam: From my first telephone contact with agent Lisa Harrison, to our piano's final delivery, we have experienced nothing but excellent service all the way. Lisa was extremely helpful and responsive to our questions, and concerns, and was very prompt in returning our calls when we left her voice mail messages. The driver, Jared. and his helper, Erick received rave reviews from our daughter-in-law at the pickup address, and contacted us about an hour before delivery, which we had been notified by Modern Piano Movers dispatch, several days ago. They arrived when they said they would, were very courteous and professional from start to finish. Jared and Erick really know what they are doing! We are completely satisfied with Modern Piano Movers service from start to finish. At some point we will be returning this piano to our daughter-in-law in San Antonio, and will definitely use Modern Piano Movers, and hopefully will get Jared and Erick back again. Thanks to all the people at Modern for your great service. Exceeding our expectations is really an under statement. Respectfully, Doug Baggett Hot Springs Village, Arkansas