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Tips On How To Take Care Of Your Piano This Summer

Mon, Jun 13, 2022 at 9:00AM

Tips On How To Take Care Of Your Piano This Summer

As temperatures around the country begin to rise with summer approaching, humidity levels in most places also begin to move up. For a piano owner this means it’s time to pay some extra attention to your beloved instrument to make sure its sound quality and overall appearance isn’t damaged by the weather elements around it.

A piano is a large and solid instrument, but it is also very delicate and fragile and requires proper maintenance and care to remain in a pristine condition. Just the way harsh winters and dry seasons can wreak havoc on their various components, very hot and humid weather conditions can also damage it in several ways if not properly taken care of.

Humidity and its impact on your piano

Most pianos are made from wood and when the humidity around them increases and decreases, the wood expands and contracts. This can cause your piano to go out of tune as well as cause some of the wooden components to crack and get damaged. Fixing these issues can end up being quite costly so it’s always better to take precautions and keep your piano protected from severe changes in humidity.

Maintain a balanced temperature and humidity level around your piano

It’s important that you have your piano placed in a room where the temperature and humidity level can be maintained throughout the summer. This will ensure that your piano doesn’t go out of tune and that all its vital wooden components do not get damaged or compromised by the weather either.

Protect your piano from direct sunlight

Although your piano placed beside a window might look grander and more magnificent than anywhere else in your home, it probably isn’t the best idea. Direct exposure to sunlight during the summer can also have a negative impact on the wood and overall appearance of your piano. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can cause the finishing of your piano to fade, get discolored and sometimes even crack. To avoid damages and premature aging of your piano, find a spot for it where it can stand protected from heat elements. However, if you don’t have an option of placing it in a different place, then protect it from the sun exposure by putting up blinds or curtains on the window near it.

Best spots in your home to place a piano

Placing your piano in a room where it can be positioned away from doorways, windows and outer walls is a great way to maintain its sound quality as well as its overall appearance. Professional piano movers would agree that pianos placed in the center of a room, away from direct exposure to heat and cold, thrive best. In addition, it’s also important to make sure there are no air vents and fireplaces too close to it.

Don’t delay repairs

If you feel your piano doesn’t sound the same recently or notice any signs of damage from the sunlight coming in, chances are you need to have it repaired. Sometimes a sudden change in humidity levels can cause your piano to go out of tune very quickly and delaying fixing it can make the problem bigger and repairs more costly.

If you want to move your piano to a different location for the summer or are considering moving homes this season, talk to our experienced and skilled crew at Modern Piano Moving and we will be glad to share information on how we can move and transport your instrument through a seamless process that will ensure your beloved instrument suffers no risks or damages.

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Milton Heads South  Tennessee, US

Apr 27 2023 

This is the second time we have moved "Milton" with Modern and both times have been a great success. Thank you for treating my piano like it was your own family heirloom.