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Why Professional Piano Movers Are Worth the Investment

Tue, Jan 30, 2024 at 12:53PM

Why Professional Piano Movers Are Worth the Investment

For many pianists and piano owners, relocating your piano can seem like a daunting, expensive task. Your beloved instrument is fragile, heavy, and complex—how do you ensure it arrives at your new home safely and beautifully in tune?  

While some opt to move their pianos themselves or hire general moving companies to cut costs, this route often leads to major frustrations and damages that actually cost more in the long run. Professional piano movers are worth investing in for the highest level of care, expertise, and stress-free service.

Modern Piano has over 20 years of experience providing specialized piano moving for homes and businesses across the region. Read on to learn why our services truly pay off and how we make your move smoother from start to finish.


Reason #1: Our Skilled Crew Won’t Damage Your Valuable Instrument


Your piano is a work of art—not just another large, clunky piece of furniture. The intricate inner mechanisms, strings, frame, and delicate exterior require meticulous care and handling.  


Handling a 600-800 lb. piano requires incredible precision and team coordination. An average upright piano contains over 230 strings connected to a cast iron plate under as much as 30 tons of tension! One wrong move, and frames can crack, strings can snap, and panels or lids can break.


Our professional movers have years of technical training and experience necessary to protect your piano throughout the relocation. We practice safe lifting methods to properly redistribute immense weight without stressing components. We also bring specialized moving equipment to easily roll your instrument and navigate it through doorways and stairwells. Simply put, we understand how to move your piano like it’s our own.


Reason #2: We Fine Tune and Carefully Crate/Uncrate Your Instrument  


In addition to physically moving your piano, we provide complete before and after preparation services essential to keeping your instrument in flawless condition.


Before the move, we meticulously crate your piano using materials designed to absorb bumps and jostling in transit. We pad and secure the entire instrument to prevent shifting or rubbing during transport. This specially engineered crate keeps out dust, debris, and inclement weather when necessary.


Upon delivery, we carefully uncrate your piano to avoid any scraping or dings around doorways or walls. We fine tune your instrument using advanced technology and make any basic regulation adjustments like voicing, leveling, and action centering that got knocked out during the move. This brings your piano back up to factory standards so it’s concert-ready to play in its new home! Skipping this tuning/adjustment step often leads to costly repairs down the road.


Reason #3: We Handle All Logistics of Moving Your Piano Securely


Moving a piano requires more than just brute strength—it requires strategic logistical planning and specialized equipment. 


We determine the best route and method for safely transporting your piano before the move occurs. Things like driveway access, stairs, and doorway width play a huge role! Based on these factors, we select the ideal piano moving truck and specialized lifting gear—anything from piano skids to lift gates to cranes.


We also secure blanket wrap protection and climate control in our trucks to avoid weather damage in transit. For multi-floor moves, we utilize piano boards and specialty dollies with self-leveling hydraulic suspension. This keeps your piano precisely balanced when navigating inclines or tight corners.


By handling all equipment, route planning, and security measures behind the scenes, we simplify the complexities of relocating a piano so you don’t have to.


Reason #4: We Remove the Heavy Lifting with Expert Labor 


Moving a piano requires 3-5 trained experts working in careful coordination—a difficult feat for DIY moves! We provide a full professional crew with years of technical handling experience under their belts. They understand how to safely lift, turn, lower, and roll your piano without injury or incident. We also have backup crew members available for even heavier concert grand pianos exceeding 1,500 lbs.


With professional movers, our crew handles all the heavy lifting for you all while keeping your home protected. They use corner guards, floor protection, and doorjamb padding to avoid property damage during the move. You can sit back and relax rather than worrying about getting injured or scraping walls and floors trying to move your piano alone.


Reason #5: Our Highly Customized Services Cater to Your Exact Needs


While some piano moves follow similar patterns, we understand every situation has its own unique considerations. From multi-story buildings to historical instruments requiring temperature/humidity control, we customize our approach to cater to your exact specifications. No two pianos or properties are alike!


We conduct site visits prior to the move to analyze important factors like stair dimensions, parking availability, versatile furniture placement, and special access accommodations. This allows us to determine ideal equipment and properly coordinate move logistics to avoid issues on moving day. 


For example, we accommodate tight stairwells with a smaller piano dolly equipped with caster wheels that rotate 360 degrees effortlessly. Or if your vintage piano requires strict climate regulation, we supply padded transit blankets as well as temperature monitors inside our moving trucks. We even design custom crates when necessary to provide an extra layer of protection. 


Reason #6: We’re Highly Insured for Damage & Injury Protection


In the unlikely event of damages, you want to be sure your piano movers carry adequate insurance coverage. As a professional moving company, Modern Piano carries high-value item insurance as well as liability insurance to protect your belongings. This means if any accidental damage occurred in transit, you could recoup repair or replacement costs for your piano.


We also carry worker's compensation insurance to protect both our crew and your property in case of any job site incidents. This gives you peace of mind that any injuries or mishaps impacting your home will be covered. 


Some amateur movers attempt risky piano moves without proper insurance coverage in place. This leaves the piano owner 100% liable for any costly damages incurred. With Modern Piano, we assume full legal responsibility for your possessions in our care—the definition of true “white glove” service.


Reason #7: Our Resources Prevent Scheduling Nightmares & Delays


Orchestrating your own piano move requires juggling truck rentals, equipment delivery, labor coordination, parking permits, and of course...the actual time and manpower to move your 700 lb. piano! For stressed homeowners and renters racing against the clock on moving day, this can quickly spiral out of control.


Modern Piano simplifies scheduling logistics through our fleet of company-owned equipment, full-time skilled labor, personalized planning services, and assistant movers ready to join last minute. We supply all necessary resources in one fell swoop so you skip the frustrating rental store trips and scheduling headaches trying to coordinate various piecemeal moving parts on your own.


With 20 years of experience performing thousands of seamless piano moves, we know how to anticipate potential hiccups and tackle logistical challenges smoothly long before moving day. Rely on our expertise rather than getting stuck panicking!


Reason #8: Our Handling Precautions Preserve Your Piano’s Life


Your piano is a big investment—not a piece of disposable furniture. The way it’s handled during a move directly impacts its longevity and performance quality through years of play. 


As a priceless musical instrument, your piano requires meticulous care and precaution to avoid shortening its lifespan due to structural damage. The tiniest cracks and dings compromise frame stability, temperature/humidity can warp wood soundboards, and sudden drops can misalign strings causing tone issues over time. 


Without proper precautions, an amateur move often sets your beloved piano up for accelerated deterioration down the road. Modern Piano regards your piano as the priceless musical treasure it is—not just another heavy appliance. Our specialized handling prevents unnecessary long-term wear and tear so it stands the test of time.


Reason #9: Our Crews Adhere to Timelines and Transport Quickly


Move days already feel frantic enough without having to constantly call and check on the status of your piano arrival! Modern Piano respects your time by arriving promptly as scheduled and working efficiently without wasting time. 


Our crew transports your piano securely in enclosed trucks driving directly to the destination once loaded—no questionable stops in between leaving your instrument unattended in the back of an open pickup truck. We provide real-time delivery ETAs and order cell phones so we remain reachable if any questions arise mid-transit. You skip unnecessary delays and headaches reaching us.


We also waste no time preparing your piano upon arrival. Our crew sets up climate control, levels keys, and performs standard tuning swiftly so you can get back to piano playing without further delay. Any glitches get resolved virtually on the spot—that’s our stress-free promise.  


Reason #10: We Make a Stressful Move Seamless! 


Moving raises stress and uncertainty as you attempt to organize an endless checklist while relocating your entire life and beloved belongings. Factor in juggling your priceless piano, and chaos easily snowballs if not handled correctly.


Modern Piano transforms an otherwise painful, risky piano move into a smooth, stress-free experience taken care of start to finish. Our pros handle heavy lifting, protect your home from damage, supply specialized equipment for transporting safely, and ensure your piano sounds perfect when playing your first notes in its new location. 


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Milton Heads South  Tennessee, US

Apr 27 2023 

This is the second time we have moved "Milton" with Modern and both times have been a great success. Thank you for treating my piano like it was your own family heirloom.