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You've just completed a huge cross-country move, and the piano movers have carefully unloaded and reassembled your treasured instrument in your beautiful new home. What an exciting fresh start! But before you sit down and start playing, there's one crucial step you don't want to overlook – getting your piano tuned and serviced after its long journey. Read More
So you're getting ready to pack up everything and move across the country to your new home. How exciting! I'm sure you've got a million things on your mind as you plan and prepare. But if you're a piano owner, there's one really big thing you need to think about — getting that beautiful instrument safely to your new place. Read More
As the summer heat ramps up, so does the humidity—a potential hazard for one of your home’s most cherished items: your piano. Whether you own a grand piano that’s the centerpiece of your living room, or an upright that serenades the hallways, maintaining the right environment is crucial to your instrument's longevity and performance. In this blog, we will delve deep into how humidity affects pianos and provide comprehensive tips on safeguarding your piano against the adverse effects of summer humidity. Read More
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