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When it's time to move a piano, it's important to hire a company that is highly experienced in moving these instruments. General movers may be good at things like preserving the finish on furniture, but a piano is far more than a decorative object. It contains many moving parts inside, as well as strings and a specialized framework. Great care is needed to avoid damage during a move - here's a guide to choosing the top piano movers in the country so that you can trust the delicate process. Read More
If you're a piano player looking to expand your cover song repertoire, it's important to take professional advice on the best types of tracks to include in your lineup. Thankfully, your favorite long distance piano moving team recently compiled a list of the best piano cover songs for 2021 to keep your business booming. Read More
When evaluating the layout of your home, you may have thought about placing your beloved piano in a quiet nook, allowing the instrument to make a statement as a focal point of a room, or embellishing the surrounding area with other instruments for a jam session waiting to happen. Kansas City piano moving and Las Vegas piano movers alike want you to know that with some creative thinking, it's easy to get your piano looking as good as it sounds in your living space. Read on for some tips on how to do that. Read More
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