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Making Music: A Modern Approach with Modern Piano
Making Music: A Modern Approach with Modern Piano Mon, Jan 29, 2018 Few instruments convey the same sort of classic allure as the piano, a true time-honored tradition in the musical world. But still—we think there’s room to mix in some modern fun with the classic approach! Learn some of our favorite fun ways to play ... Read More

Why the Piano Was Built for Cold Winter Days
Why the Piano Was Built for Cold Winter Days Mon, Jan 29, 2018 When the weather outside is cold and damp, it’s the perfect time for one of the season’s simplest pleasures: playing the piano! Read More

Can Pups Play the Piano?
Can Pups Play the Piano? Mon, Jan 29, 2018 They can run, jump, play, dream–and sometimes, it sounds like they’re downright talking to us. But can man’s best friend play the piano, too? Read More

Jill S  North Carolina, US

Jun 12 2021 

Using Modern Piano to move my piano from PA to NC was the best decision. The customer service was fantastic with great communication every step along the way. The actual movers on move-out and move-in day were very knowledgeable about not only how to properly care for and transport the piano, but also gave great advice for how to acclimate the piano in the new space, what considerations should be taken to position the piano in the best place in the room/house, and how to best care for the piano. I am very satisfied and would recommend to anyone and everyone to use Modern Piano and not bother shopping around - I did the shopping around for you, and Modern Piano is the best!