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When your piano is placed in your home, it’s easy to keep an eye on it and give it the proper attention and maintenance it requires to continue playing perfectly. Keeping it safe while in storage, however, can get a bit stressful. Whether you need to store it for a short while or a longer period of time, you need to make sure you are picking the right place for it where you know it will remain safe and cared for. Modern Piano Moving offers climate-controlled storage facilities across the country where you can store your instrument without any stress. Here are a few reasons why you should store your piano in climate-controlled storage facilities managed by professionals. Read More
Moving a large instrument like a piano takes considerable work, effort, muscle, and skill. Mistakes can happen when an inexperienced hand attempts to move such a bulky, heavy item through the house (let alone across the neighborhood). Below are some big reasons you should hire professional piano movers — even if you’re just moving a couple of blocks. Read More
Keeping your piano clean is an important part of maintaining it in good condition. When it is regularly cleaned, your piano will play at its best. When it hasn’t been cleaned, dust can enter the soundboard and damage the piano’s internal components. Unfortunately, moving causes a lot of dust. During this transition, your piano is at its most vulnerable. Read and remember the following tips to prevent your piano from getting too dirty during your move. Read More
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